Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa

The Forever Song (Blood of Eden, #3)

The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa is the third and final installment of the Blood of Eden Series.  I fell in love with this series for 5 reasons:
1.       Allison- She is badass to the bone.  I believe that was my first reaction after I read the first book.  I looked at no one, because I was alone, and said “Holy shit, she’s badass.”  I didn't want to punch her, or burn the book.  From the first page to the last, Allison never changes.  She is strong and determined.  The one thing that does change is her confidence in herself not to become her worst nightmare.
2.       Kanin- I mean he is an awesome sire.  He saved Allison from death, turning her into a monster she hated; however, he asked her first.  Kanin had his own demons to battle and as this series unfolded it is not hard to see why he might have had a conscious.  I think the end was justified and frankly I am happy things turned out for Kanin the way they did.  In the end, he found what he was looking for.  Also, his deadpan way of being was great addition to Allison and Jackal’s bickering. 
3.       Jackal- Aside from being the bad guy in the first book, I fell for this bad boy vampire brother of Allison.  Tied to her through Kanin, Jackal has been the complete opposite of Allison.  He has never denied being a jerk, and does not deny his true nature… kind of reminds me of Damon from Vampire Diaries.  He is a vampire through and through.  In the end, I think he got what he deserved as well.  Jackal was a necessary evil, one that pushed Allison into both the good and the bad path.  I loved his banter and frankly I like those characters.
4.       Zeke- Ezekiel was. The. Best.  I fell right in love with him.  Allison also felt similarly, and they worked. (Thank you for not doing the whole love triangle thing, it gets in the way).  Zeke was the first connection to the human world Allison loved that really accepted her and taught her to accept herself.   What happens to him sucks; he did not really get what he deserved most of the time.  All four of these characters are just puppets in Sarren’s scheme for utter destruction.
5.       World Building- Kagawa’s worlds are always rich, but real enough that you almost feel like you’re standing there.  This world was gritty, harsh, dark, and really horrifying.  I could see how these cities mentioned would look the way they were described.  For something to be scary, it needs a bite of reality.  While I don’t believe in vampires, I will say that that is the only unrealistic thing about it.  If you take that out, you end up with a not so violent book, and it would fall flat into a regular evil government story. 
I am sad this book is ending, but I am glad I went for the ride.  Now to wait for all her other books to come out!

5 stars.  Thank You NetGalley! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen

Stolen Songbird (The Malediction Trilogy, #1)
Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen is the story of the lost city of Trollus.  It was believed that a long time ago, an earthquake buried and destroyed this ancient city; however, the myths also include the trolls that lived within the city.   For centuries the city remained buried, the magic of the Trolls slowly faded from history, but a prophecy has been put into play.  Cecile has always wanted a fancy and free life of a singer, much like her famous mother.  On her last day before she leaves to the big city with her mother, in order to begin her training, Cecile encounters Luc, who abducts her and brings her into the mythical city of Trollus.  The prophecy in place: a daughter of sun and son of dark bound by marriage will break the centuries old curse and bring Trollus back on the map.  Cecile has been bought by the Troll King for his son, for she will be bound to him and will break the curse (no pressure), against her will.

Secrets, Trolls, witches, curses, love, and conspiracy all play a part in this book.  I frankly loved the setting, descriptions of Trollus, and the romance.  Also, I see what the author is doing with the secrets of the Trolls… I see what you did there and I like it.  I cannot wait to see how this unravels, and I want more Cecile and Tristan!!!

4 out of 5 stars.  Thank You NetGalley!

Darkbound by Scott Tracey

Darkbound (Legacy of Moonset, #2)

“Not all creatures die a mortal death.  Sometimes death is cunning: a caress instead of a slap.  Even death can fall in love.  Even death can dare to break the rules.”—Darkbound by Scott Tracey

We are back at it again with the Moonset coven, in the second book Darkbound.  In the aftermath of the last book, the coven kids are going about a regular life, still being watched by the Congress.  Instead of being in Justin’s head this time, we are now in Malcolm’s.  I. Love. Malcolm.  He’s angsty, angry, volatile, and he’s got a big date with a dark prince.  Since this book revolves around Malcolm, it also revolves around the questioning of the coven binds and magic in general.  Malcolm would give anything to lead a normal life, away from magic.  He’s tired of being in the life that ruined he’s coven’s prospect at a fulfilling and peaceful life, until one of the Dark Princes arrives in town.

With dark secrets from the past still being revealed, Moonset must figure out, along with The Congress, who brought a Dark Prince to life and why.  This becomes extremely important once the Prince shows himself to Malcolm and Malcolm alone.  With hints of romance one can assume that the Prince fancies our prickly Moonsetter, but sometimes there are more complex things lurking at the bottom of every reason.  Now that the Dark Prince is in town, no one is safe, and if you are not magically inclined you’re screwed.  This is when Malcolm begins to question his wants versus the needs of those around him, and ultimately his needs as well.  What would Malcolm give to get what he wants, and are the sacrifices worth the risk?

It was great to see life in Malcolm’s perspective because he’s so ornery and prickly.  I know he’s gay but frankly I am not immune to his charm (which is constantly brought up), I mean he sounds like an amazing specimen and again his attitude tends to be on the funny side versus, the rude mean side.  The character growth in this book was great, including Jenna and Malcolm’s relationship.  Where I was confused in the first book, I was able to pick up quickly in the second book and I noticed an increased ease in following along with the story.  The whole past has not been revealed, but there are some shockers and there are some new secrets brewing as well.  I cannot wait to see the next installment!

4 out 5 stars.  Thank You Net Galley