Sunday, December 9, 2012

Stolen Nights (Vampire Queen ,#2) by Rebecca Maizel

Stolen Nights (Vampire Queen, #2)

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel was a great read.  I loved her world of vampire, which held an almost gothic romanticism of authors such as Anne Rice.  To be frank it was a breath of fresh air from the cookie cutter vampire stories out now, not that I don’t love those too.  After receiving Stolen Nights (Vampire Queen #2) from it took me about 4 hours to read.  I was not planning to read it but I missed the world of Lenah and frankly after the end of the first book I knew that if Lenah had survived the ritual so had Rhodes.  This led to the question, where the hell is Rhodes?

Stolen Nights tells you where the hell Rhodes has gone to and if you are patient enough Maizel does a beautiful job of unfolding all the intricacies it took to get to book one for the characters.  There was of course no easy way of unfolding their story, that of Rhodes and Lenah.  At times it was difficult to decipher if Rhodes was the wonderful partner Lenah had painted a picture of in book one.  Lenah also seemed to be having difficulty maintaining her faith on Rhodes and their love for each other. 

What about that lovely fellow Justin, you might ask.  Well he is around as well, but there is clearly a change in him.  Whether it is about Rhodes showing up or because he is unsure of Lenah, it is hard to tell.  Okay not really, there are clues as to why Justin is a little different in the sequel but still it is shocking.  There are some, um, nice scenes with Lenah and Justin.

The book is centered on discovering the truth.  What was once thought of each character is tested and strained to better understand how the characters set out on their course during the first book.  With interesting new players, that are potentially harmful and scary, along with the multitude of sacrifices each character has to face Stolen Nights gives the same thrill as Infinite Days.

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