Monday, May 6, 2013

School Spirits by Rachel Hawkins

School Spirits (School Spirits, #1)

The world that Rachel Hawkins created in the Hex Halls series is back in this new book School Spirits!  This time the tables are switch, and instead following a Prodigium (magically inclined person) we are following a Brannick, Isolde Brannick to be exact.  Isolde is the youngest Brannick and cousin to Sophie (from the Hex Hall series).  At this point it is just Isolde and her mother, because the oldest Brannick daughter has gone missing.  On top of her missing sister, Isolde’s mother is becoming more and more of a pain.  All this culminates into an assignment that her mother gives her, to become a regular teenager, go to school and eliminate a ghost that has been terrorizing people of Mary Evans High School.
Izzy slowly integrates herself into regular life, which is pretty cool to see since she has never really interacted with the outside world. To add to the fun, she also joins a club at school that is already investigating the supernatural occurrences happening at the school.  This clubs moniker is P.M.S: also known Paranormal Management Society.  While her new friends and she investigate what is going on at MEHS, there are plenty of red flags been thrown up.  Is her new friend Dex a Prodigium?  What about Romy, did she conjure up a spell strong enough to tether to a ghost?  Perhaps it is just a ghost with a vendetta. 
This was a cute book, and I don’t mean cute in a mean way.  I think that people who love Hex Hall and the many characters will love this new series.  Torin is also a character in this book (he was the guy in the mirror).  It was fun and light, a good read for middle school students and everyone else!

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4/5 stars


  1. is the person in the mirror actually a character in the story

    1. It should be her... Usually with this author the characters are shown in a different light in a reflection.