Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me by Brian Rowe

 Happy Birthday to Me (Birthday Trilogy, #1)
Happy Birthday to Me by Brian Rowe is one of those books you pick up at the library or at the book store for guilty pleasure reading.  Sure it’s not Fifty Shades of Gray guilty reading (p.s. I am not a fan of that series for the record), but it is definitely fun and sure maybe we learn the lifelong lesson that the world does not revolve around us.  There are no deaths of important characters, there is no bullying beyond belief and it isn’t a change-of life story.  What it is, is a novel about a boy named Cameron who has had it good for far too long.  The world revolves around Cameron, and normally these people exist in our world, but unfortunately for Cameron a young witch lives in his.  Liesel, our young witch, has been observing Cameron all throughout high school pining for him, but when he comes in drunk and hanging all over his girlfriend and to top it off telling her for the second time in a couple of weeks it his birthday, so that he can receive the free desert, Liesel cannot take his arrogant ways any longer.  So what she does is casts a spell during the “Happy Birthday” song making Cameron age a year every day.
Of course Cameron does not realize what has happened, all he knows is that he is getting facial hair—score!  Now he’s more mature looking and his girlfriend definitely will want to sleep with him, right?  But what about that beer gut?!  And that salt and pepper hair?!  What is Cameron to do?  With only a few weeks before graduation, Cameron might not make it to see his big day because at that point he will be too old to leave the hospital.  Cameron needs to figure out what happened and fast, he also needs to figure out who that cute mysterious girl is that is constantly popping up.  She looks mighty familiar, and she might be the only person who has answers for Cameron.
This was such a fun book.  Even though I gave it only 3/5 stars, I still bought the next 2 books in the series.  I usually try to only blog about new books, but when I requested this book through Net Galley I did not realize it was published in 2011.  It was a good thing, because now I have 2 more books to journey onward with Cameron and Liesel.
Side Note:  To each his own and all that jazz, but really?  Do you really want to date the girl that cursed you but is really in love with you?  So awkward. 

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