Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Last Word by Lisa Lutz

The Last Word (The Spellmans, #6)

The Last Word by Lisa Lutz is the sixth book in the Spellman Files series.  When I received this ARC I fan-girled for about an hour.  This series is amazingly good.  If you like detective stories, crude witty humor, ridiculous dates and drinking this series is for you.  Unlike most of my reviews on my blog, this is an adult series.  For the past 6 books, Isabel—Izzy Spellman has been our trusty narrator.  The Spellman’s are a family of PIs (well for the most part).  Izzy’s parents created the business and trained all three children on how to work for the family business.  The brother is a lawyer, Rae (the youngest sister) is now out of college and Izzy is still living in her brother’s basement apartment and now owner of the PI business.  The way she acquired the business from her parents has created a rift between the family members; however, it is a funny rift. 
There is so much to say about this book.  Izzy deals with being the boss, her ex is getting married and her parents are acting strange (more so than usual).  She is also dealing with Mr. Slayter (former client who is now a friend/advisor for Izzy) and his Alzheimer’s. There are still the funny witty situations that occur in the other 5 books, the family members are still staking each other out, and Izzy is still trying to grow up.  I loved the fact that there was another book and I loved how the end made me question if there might be another book in store, but with a different narrator.  I don’t know if I could love another narrator but I do love the Spellman clan and the crazy shenanigans they get into. 
4/5 stars! Thanks NetGalley

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