Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa

The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden, #2)

The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa was such an emotional ride for me.  The first book, The Immortal Rules introduced readers to Allie the MC to this series.  Along with Allie, the reader is introduced to the dystopian world, where vampires are no longer hidden from the public, but rule the masses.  Allie, a normal teen who lived under the vampire rule never wanted anything to do with the bloodsuckers.  Instead she lived off the grid like so many, until one accident led her to be turned by Kanin.  Kanin showed Allie how to be a monster, how to live with herself and in turn Allie found a father figure in Kanin.  After safely escorting her human friends to Eden, Allie leaves Zeke along with everyone else to find Kanin, because he is being held hostage and she can feel his every pain.  What Allie did not count on was her bond to Jackal, which will always lead to Kanin.

In this installment Allie finds herself spending a lot of time with Jackal, which is pretty awesome as a reader to see.  Jackal is the dry psycho that fans love to hate/love.  His relationship with Allie is definitely one of a sibling, an annoying one at that.  Even though she cannot forget Jackal’s past actions towards Zeke and the ones she cares about, Allie can feel a connection to Jackal.  Together they set out to find Kanin, and ultimately a cure to the virus that is turning vampires in to rabid animals.  There is a lot of fighting and blood bath, but not in a terrible unjust way.  That is one of the features I loved most about the first book.  Allie is just bad ass and she continues to be in this book, especially since the only plan is to walk into the inner city of vampires to find Kanin.

Also, do not fret Zeke lovers; we did not see the last of him in the last book.  He returns!  And yes, it is all swoon worthy, except for the moments where Zeke doesn’t trust Allie because of her new… partner, Jackal.  I will say though, watch out for those intense moments between Allie and Zeke.  The ending! Oh my god the ending.  There were too many surprises and connections happening in this book for it to ever be boring, even Stick was back.  One thing is for certain, Allie cannot trust everyone and those that she already distrusts will push beyond their normal betrayal.  Again, I must stress the ending.  It was jaw dropping.  I remember reading the last 10 pages with my mouth completely open in a stupid awestruck way, because there was no way Ms. Kagawa could do this to me, to her fans!  The wait will be unbearable but I am sure it will be worth it!

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  1. This was everything I wanted in a sequel. It had action, it had emotion, it had character development, it had plot development, it had everything that I needed.
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  2. It was as perfect as a book can possibly be and Kagawa is truly a talented individual. I already have, and will continue to recommend this series to all my reader friends :-). I recommend this book to anyone who likes paranormal or dystopian novels, or anyone looking for a great read.