Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Transparent by Natalie Whipple


In Transparent, Fiona McClean was born with a supernatural power, invisibility.  Not only was she born with a mutation in her DNA (this seems to be normal after a biological warfare preemptive move that affected the population) but Fiona is the daughter of one of the big crime bosses, that happen to sell the drug that created mutation in DNA. Her invisibility is an asset to her father (his mutation is one of a charmer, he charms women to do his bidding) and his way of life.  After 16 years of doing her father’s dirty work, Fiona has had enough and runs away with her mother, who also has a mutation of telekinesis.  The only problem?—her father can’t let her go; she’s too valuable to him-her power is too useful for a life of crime. 

 I really like this book.  The characters were well rounded and I liked seeing Fiona adjusting to normal life.  After being around only her father and his way of life, the reader can see as she breaks down the barriers created to keep her in his lifestyle.  Her relationship with Miles, her brother, is very sweet and protective.  It was refreshing to read this book and not feel like the characters were annoying or displeasing.  I also liked Seth and what is revealed about him is mind blowing because I really didn’t see it coming until the end.  It was nice to be mildly surprised during the story.  The best aspect is learning of everyone’s talent and how that has shaped them into whom they are in the novel.

This novel was definitely worth it and I am happy I did not take it off my TBR list!  It is a must read.

Thanks Edelweiss for the ARC.

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