Thursday, September 12, 2013

Frozen by Melissa De La Cruz

Frozen (Heart of Dread, #1)

Let’s see if I can make this a coherent review. In Melissa De La Cruz’s new novel, Frozen, we are transported into a dystopian world. The world is covered in ice, literacy is at an all time low, everything is regulated (even casual dating—you need a permit), and there are those that carry the Mark.

Side Note: What the hell is the Mark? Good question… (I don’t know for certain but can guess)

There are two main stories that are being merged with the bigger, grand scheme of things story. Nat and Ryan are our main characters and their perspective is flipped flopped throughout the novel.


“Unless… Unless she listened to the voice. When it spoke to her, it always said the same thing: I have been searching for you, but now it is you who must find me. The time has come for us to be one. The map has been found. Leave this place. Journey to the Blue. “

Nat works in New Vegas as a black jack dealer. Her secret is the voice inside her and the Mark on her chest. What is the Mark? Again, don’t know for sure but it seems that those that are Marked have special abilities. Very supernatural of them. Not only does Nat hide that secret, but she has also escaped some terrors of her own. She has nightmares of burning fire and a child. Who is Nat really? She doesn’t even know if that is her real name.

One night Ryan Wesson shows up at her table, where he tries to create a diversion to steal a few chips. Unfortunately for Ryan, Nat is quicker and she swipes the 4 chips worth thousands. Nat will use this money to get her a runner to take her into the Blue, to finally fulfill the voice’s wishes.


“Ryan Wesson. It was the one name that had come up again and again when she’d asked if anyone knew a runner. Well, if anyone can get you out of here, it’s Wes. Wes has got the fastest ship in the Pacific. He’ll get you where you need to go.”

Wesson is retired military (yep, he’s 16) and he needs money. After turning down a job and now losing some stolen money to a black jack dealer he is running out of options for steady income. This is where his story and Nat’s collide. Nat hires Ryan, and promises to pay him with the chips she pilfered.

The Blue:

The Blue is thought of as a myth. A place untouched by the Rot that has changed the face of the world. Even though it is considered a non-existing place, Ryan agrees to take Nat along with a crew. What happen out there are high speed chases, pirates, slavers, abandoned ships, attraction, and an explosion of truths.

I was not in love with this book. It had clear potential but lacked the necessary components. World building seems to be my number one issue right now. I still don’t understand this world that was created and the different species/ or people living within this world. Some of it is explained by experimentations with chemical warfare, just not enough meat in this story or backbone. All the juicy secrets are spilt without ceremony, making it very anti-climactic. The ending was also a letdown. The way this book ended it could stand alone, you probably do not have to read the other books to be complete. Since there was no cliffy I might skip the next books in the series… maybe not, I will decide when I see a publication date and synopsis.

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