Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Untold by Sarah Rees Brennan

Untold (The Lynburn Legacy, #2)
Ms. Sarah Rees Brennan has done a wonderful job at keeping us readers chomping at the bit for the next Lynburn Legacy novel. Last year Unspoken, the first book in the series, was released. Imagine having an imaginary friend who lived inside your head. You would never be lonely, but you could never have privacy, doesn't seem too bad. What if this imaginary friend is actually a real person, someone belonging to one of the oldest and weirdest families of sorcery, and that friend just moved into your town? That is the predicament our two main characters find themselves in; Kami Glass and Jared Lynburn have been in each other's head for all of their lives, because of a curse put on Kami while she was still in the womb. Last year that link between the two teens was severed and any romance or friendship between them ended as well.

For those that have read the first book and are dying to get their little paws on the second book, Untold, Brennan has been leaving snippets through the interweb. I know I was dying to see if Jared could ever be nice to Kami again, or if what they had was all in their head (pun intended). Let me just tell you, this one is so heartbreaking!!! Kami has this void that cannot be filled and Jared is off being a butthead... and can we talk about Ash. He is starting to be one of those characters that you need to keep a very close eye on because there is some serious character development; I am just not sure it's completely benign. I will say that fans will not be disappointed by what transpires throughout the novel. Kami is still trying to thwart Rob Lynburn's plans, and save her mother from his circle's clutches. Will Kami and her friends be able to defeat him? Is Jared really done with Kami? Does Kami want to be Ash's source... dun dun dun? Is that really how she ended this one? Really?!?!?! Come on! That ending was spectacular, if you want your readers to go crazy for a year and then trample on others to reach said 3rd book to figure out what will happen to......... and will.......... have enough time to save........? Where exactly is......... being kept? Oh the questions swimming in my head :)

Thank You Edelweiss 4/5 stars

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