Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Eat, Brains, Love by Jeff Hart

Eat, Brains, Love

“Of course now I know for sure that test was total bullshit… of the fifty possible career recommendations, none of them were ‘undead fugitive’.”

Jake Stephens is your average senior trying to get through senior year, struggling to make time for more video games, and forgetting how to breathe at the sight of extremely hot girls. Amanda Blake is your average hot senior girl, until one day she locks eyes across the cafeteria with Jake and everything goes red! Jake and Amanda have become zombies and they have eaten a good portion of the student body. They go on the lamb together, avoiding the federal agents looking for them, while trying to figure out the warm and fuzzy feelings they are getting about each other.

Cass is one of those agents. Often referred to as “Psychic Friend” she is none other than the psychic hired to find rogue zombies. Apparently the government has been hiding the fact that zombies exist, and they have a hit squad just for this. Cass is able to go into the zombies minds and figure out their location, based on imprints that they leave. With Jake it is different; he seems more human, more like an average boy she wouldn’t mind getting to know.

This story is full of gross, flesh eating, vomit inducing scenes; I love it! But I do not appreciate the ending. Is it going to be a series? If not, what kind of ending was that? I wouldn’t say it was amazing but it was fun and zombies are my favorite.

3/5 stars. Thank You Edelweiss.

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