Monday, February 3, 2014

Alienated by Melissa Landers

Alienated (Alienated, #1)

"You're not afraid of the L'eihrs, are you?"
"No!"  Cara scoffed, wiping her clammy palms on the front of her skirt.  "Of course not."
Okay, maybe a little.  She'd been as fascinated as everyone else when the aliens made contact two years ago, but their secretive nature made her stomach feel heavy, like she'd eaten a dozen Taco Bell double-decker burritos in one sitting.  And as much as she wanted to travel, leaving Earth wasn't what she'd had in mind.

Cara Sweeney has been selected, amongst other top students around the world, to host an alien foreign exchange student.  In a world where aliens have discovered Earth, but have remained at arms length, the people of Earth cannot seem to agree if these aliens really do come in peace.  Behind this act of coming together, of sharing lifestyles, also lies a secret.  What really is the purpose of the aliens' visit to Earth, and of them opening their world for Earth kids?

Cara is nervous, but she also sees this as an opportunity to a scholarship of a lifetime, along with the experience.  Aelyx is on a mission, he cannot wait to get off this forsaken planet, but while he is here he will play his part well.  What they were not expecting was to find a friend in each other, and maybe even an ally.  After some severe rioting and acts of violence Cara realizes that she's alone, and her family and her are all that Aelyx has right now.  With feelings surfacing, friends turning their backs, and a hidden agenda at play Cara and Aelyx must do what they can to save the Earth, and possibly life as Cara and her friends have known it.

I really like Aelyx, he wasn't some horn-dog... well for the most part.  Cara and he had a great back and forth that I found funny and at times entertaining.  The climax is completely guessable, but okay; however, the solution to the problem makes the next book's plot a little predictable already.  It is still worth a shot to investigate the next installment.  I want to know more about Aelyx's home town, it's time for Cara to experience a little of what he did back on Earth. 

3 out of 5 stars.  Thanks NetGalley.

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