Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pieces of Me by Amber Kizer

Pieces of Me
“Donation? Money to the hospital? To make me well? Didn’t the doctor call Nurse Brady an organ-donor coordinator? What did he do? I needed organs? Procurement? He is a Professional Cure Doctor? TO cure me? Or no… Think, Jessica. Think.
NO! I screamed, leaping at my body, trying to force myself back inside. To open my eyes. To talk. To live. Donation? I wasn’t meant to be served up. I AM HERE. YOU CAN’T JUST TAKE MY PIECES!
You can’t make me.”
Pieces of Me
by Amber Kizer is the story of Jessica Chai, a quiet shy high-schooler. Jessica is about to have a bad day in school. She is never really noticed and she likes it that way, until the cheer squad corners her at school. There is a competition going on, the school that donates the most inches of hair to this organization wins a trophy. The purpose is to help those that have lost their hair due to cancer, and Jessica has the longest and shiniest hair in the whole school. Through bullying her, the cheer squad is able to cut off her hair; in exchange they invite Jessica to a popular party. Really upset with what occurred at school, Jessica runs home. There she finds her overbearing mother and after a quick shopping trip Jessica feels like a new person, full of possibilities and she plans to seize the day at the party… what she doesn't realize is that she will never make it to the party.

Laying brain dead in the hospital, hooked up to machines, Jessica is having an out of body experience. She realizes that she is dying, and that her parents are going to donate her organs. Jessica does not want to give her organs away.

I thought this would be a revenge story, like the ghost of the donated body haunts those that received her organs. Instead it is a story about how 4 lives had been tied together, on a collision course to discover where their miracle came from, from whom that miracle came from. Jessica watches on as these four lives collide and live on with her help. Love, life, friendship, and hope are few of the themes touch on in this novel. I liked how well each piece fit, and the characters were great. I did feel like the insta-love between the characters that met online was a little intense, other than that it flowed well.
4 out of 5 stars. Thank you Edelweiss.


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