Monday, September 15, 2014

Messenger of Fear by Michael Grant

Messenger of Fear (Messenger of Fear, #1)

“This,” he said without the least drama or emphasis, “is about true and false.  Right and wrong.  Good and evil.  And justice, Mara.  This is about justice.  And balance.  And…”  He nodded as if to himself rather than to me.  “… and redemption.”


Mara has awoken and all she knows is her name.  She doesn’t remember what happened, where she is, where she’s supposed to be, or even if she’s just dreaming.  All she knows is her name, Mara and she clings to it.  Another thing she knows is that this ethereally beautiful and menacing boy/guy in all black is someone you don’t mess with, and for a while she calls him the Messenger of Fear.  Slowly he shows her a young girl who is dead, and they figure out it was a suicide; but why did she kill herself?  Mara needs to know, she needs to who is responsible and when she finds out she has no mercy.  You see the Messenger of Fear comes to people during a time in their life that they did something really really bad, and knew it was bad before they did it.  I am not talk about petty things either.  The Messenger gives them two choices, play a game of chance or accept your punishment (of course if you lose the game of chance you still receive your punishment).  The game is also extremely intense and tends to be gruesome.  The point of the matter is that all of us do something that we know will have dire consequences, and what separates us is how we react to those situations.  Some of us will do the right thing, and others will pretend like they didn’t know.  A good example is for instance if you ran over a dog.  Most people would stop and call the police and report it (because, it’s a crime to drive away from the scene of an accident), but there might be a few who think that no one some them and they drive away.  The second group of people is the one the Messenger of Fear visits. 


This was a such a creepy story, and it had everything I liked.  It had a pale good looking guy, who wears all black, and exudes predator.  Nightmares are a real thing in this book, and overall the theme/message of being a good person, of right and wrong.  I really hope to follow more of Mara’s story, find out more about the Messenger of Fear, and watch them find redemption.  A great beginning of a series.


Thank You Edelweiss.

4 out of 5 stars

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