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Covet (The Clann #2) by Melissa Darnell

Covet (The Clann, #2)

Let us talk about the sophomore slump most book series get into.  Usually most people anticipate the second, third, fourth, etc. book of a series, but then are completely disappointed because nothing useful happened and it was more like filler.  Well, that was not an issue for Darnell's series The Clann. 

In the second book of this series, Covet, Savannah and Tristan are right were we left them in the first book.  They are on a plan going back to Texas after their eventful meeting with the Vampire Council.  Savannah has promised the Council that she will break her ties with Tristan once she is back home in Texas, of course Tristan does not have clue about this.  The problem is that once they land Savannah finds out that the Clann has kidnapped her grandmother because the believed her father and she had kidnapped Tristan... and ladies and gentlemen is when the metaphorical poop hits the fan.

After going to the Clann circle and all the events that transpires there, Savannah stays true to her word and dumps Tristan (she also promises the Clann, as well).  So the majority of the book deals with her and Tristan coping with that decision.  That sounds boring right?  Sounds just like a regular book 2?  Think again...

While they are coping with their break up a few things transpire.  Savannah begins to learn about her magic, on her own.  This I liked a lot because she is no longer so one sided (Vampire).  Unfortunately for Savannah, she is still vampire and that means that she needs to learn how to deal with what that entails.  She ends up living with her father in the same town, in order to adjust to the change.  Her father (my favorite!) ends up teaching her how to control her impulses, buys her a new wardrobe and also shares many father-daughter moments, that I think she needed in order to see him as something other than a Vampire.  She also has to cope with her mother being gone, due to Savannah and her father living so close together (her mother's blood is apparently tasty to vamps).  Savannah befriends her best friend's ex, Ron, and learns about another aspect of the Clann life.  Her friend Annie is also a big help in all of this, though only being a mere mortal (us mortals can be really supportive to our crazy paranormal friends).  Oh and while all this is going on there are vampires on the loose attacking Clann members!

Poor Tristan! I swear he tried so hard to figure out how to be with Savannah, that I just wanted to jump in the book and fix it myself (seeing as no one wanted to help him).  Tristan even went as far as asking Savannah's father to turn him (doesn't happen because their blood cannot be combined, lethal).  Savannah is not the only one dealt heartbreak in this installment; Tristan too has to deal with losing his girlfriend, getting into a car accident (that might have been intentional), being held hostage in his room by his parents and losing people around him.  Some big things occur for Tristan in this book and they are all very dreary... to the very last sentence of the novel.  Even though this series really just focuses more deeply on Sav's existence and how she will have to deal with it, I feel in the next novel we will have this same experience from Tristan. 

Dylan is still around... and S-U-P-R-I-S-E he is still crazy.  But the reader will finally get a glimpse at why he's the way he is... and it is not too pretty or completely a legit reason to like him.

Emily... such a little hypocrite.  Oh well you will see why towards the end... but I truly feel for her.

Gowin... is a new character, he is Michael's (Sav's father) sire (he turned Michael).

Ron... I love him! He is so sweet and helps Savannah adjust to school after breaking up with Tristan.  He is also Annie's ex, and there are pretty cool surprises because of him.

I really truly loved this book.  It was exciting and fast paced.  The ending left me wanting to know more.  How will this series end?  I don't know if there are only suppose to be 3 books in this series but I feel there should be more, just because not only did Savannah and et all have to clean the poop that hit the fan in this book but there is a whole new fan and poop to clean in the next.

This book was a galley provided by the publisher on (4/5 stars)

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