Sunday, August 5, 2012

False Memory by Dan Krokos

 False Memory (False Memory, #1)

I received this book from the publisher Disney-Hyperion

"Then Miranda uncovers a dark truth that sets her team on the run. Suddenly her past doesn't seem to matter...when there may not be a future."

False Memory by Dan Krokos has a little bit of  everything.  I saw  some similarities with Meyer's The Host, the movie Memento and a little bit of Total Recall.  When it comes to sci-fi thrillers this one takes the cake, thus far this year.  Miranda is the main character introduced at the beginning.  The first inclination that I had that I would like this book came from her stopping the security guard at the mall and asking for help "I've lost my memory."  I know she was confused and lost but that was just a hint of Miranda's humor, and I relished in its simplicity.  Of course her first encounter at the mall with the security guard after she has lost her memory leads to a crazy small riot.  Thankfully we are immediately introduced to Peter, who happens to know Miranda.  

Here's the dilemma, we are seeing things through Miranda's POV, so at first it is difficult to be happy that Peter showed up.  Once he starts explaining about you they are  and why her memory is lost, it is hard not to feel like Peter could be a bad guy.  You have to take memory shots every day or else your psychic abilities will wipe out your memory, Miranda happens to have had her doses screwed with, by another member of the 4 person team.  Peter is the only one left and is trying to help Miranda back to home base, where she begins to remember weapons, small incidents with Peter, Olive and Noah.  She doesn't remember her relationship with Noah but at the same time their is this lingering feeling of something that once was.

Just when you think you can let your guard down a little with Peter, Noah shows up.  He is the complete reason why Miranda is in her situation... is it possible to trust Noah, the person she supposedly loves and loves her?  How about Olive who happens to want what Miranda has?  As a reader you are constantly on your toes trying to understand what is going on and what the ending will be, and guess what?  It really isn't that easy to figure out, which can be a breath of fresh air!  

The team figure out that they can be used as weapons to bring cities to their knees and this is when the craziness happens.  Full of action, escaping, rescuing, occasional mind changing kissing, and mind bending/life changing science experiments False Memory is worth every twist and turn.  Miranda is a strong MC, especially with the twists and turns that she must face about herself before the memory incident and after.  She doesn't make obvious decisions nor does she care about what she was like before, she stands for what she believes and is sometimes the glue that keeps them together.

I highly recommend this book to thrill seekers, Matrix-Inception-The Host-Memento lovers, mystery lovers and media specialist.  I can see both boys and girls reading this book and equally enjoying it!

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