Thursday, August 2, 2012

Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen

I picked up the mop and started washing again as Rob struggled to his feet, red faced. John laughed, and Much covered a smile.
"You lot think this is funny?" I asked. "I'll unman you too if you wish it."
They jumped back, and Rob grunted. "You haven't unmanned me, and I resent the implication of it."
"It were a warning blow," I told him, shoving the mop 'cross the floor. "Next time I'll try harder.”

I feel like the above completely highlights the fun in A.C. Gaughen's Scarlet.  Here is a beautiful girl who goes around with three bandits of merry men (Robin Hood is a supporting character).  At first you are not sure of how Scarlet gets involved with this men, but obviously that is the fun of this book.  While most of the book is about Scarlet's escapades with the John Little, Much and Robin Hood, there is also romance and major conflicts. 

Romance:  Guess what?! Scarlet like Robin Hood!  Of course that is obvious, but unlike many YA MCs that really don't have a reason to not admit that they like their love interest Scarlet has good reason to push back.  We, as readers, find a confused 18 year old who is struggling to keep her past a secret and unprepared to face her past.  We also find a feminist, a girl that will go great lengths to prove her worth is as much as a man's, that she shouldn't have to be told who is good for her to marry and how she should act.

Of course there is a semi-love triangle, cause when I was 18 it was so easy to find not just one amazing guy but 2! (Sarcasm is my language).  I am okay with this one, because Scarlet honestly is too conflicted to admit her feelings to both guys and to herself.  I am also glad about how this was resolved, no teams, no violence and everyone is accepting of the outcome. 

Conflict:  With Robin Hood involved of course there is conflict.  There is still the Sheriff of Nottingham taking too much of the people's money.  This is the major issue for the first 100 pages, but thanks to Robin Hood and his band the Sheriff decides he has had enough of the thieves and hires a Thief Hunter (or bounty hunter) Gisbourne.  That is when the conflict focus shifts over, and answers about Scarlet's past arise.  How does she know Gisbourne?  What will happen if he catches her?  Why did he give her that scar?  Who is Scarlet really? Is she part Angel? (Hahaha, that was a joke, but seriously)

Scarlet is a great read.  I love the story of Robin Hood and I am one to be open minded when it comes to remakes.  Sometimes I can be a stickler, but with Scarlet being so feisty and head strong (less annoying then the Bellas of YA, don't get me wrong she can be annoying but in normal doses) it is hard to care if the other characters or events are true to the original. 

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