Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Gathering Darkness by Lisa Collicutt

The Gathering Darkness by Lisa Collicutt

The Gathering Darkness is a fun ride.  Founded on the concept of reincarnation, it is a story of two soul mates running from a jealous jilted lover.  At first the story is slow in unfolding.  The characters Brooke Day, Samantha (her cousin), Marcus Knight, Evan Knight, Maggie and Jenny are a few of the main characters.  Brooke is sent to her cousin’s house after an issue that occurs back home.  She feels this is a torturous trip, especially since every time Brooke visits Deadwich she has night terrors and a creepy feeling around the Ravenwyck Inn (owned by Maggie).

After adjusting to a new school and meeting the key characters, Brooke discovers that there is something in Deadwich connecting her to the Knight Brothers, specifically Marcus.  As they get close to one another stranger connections are revealed and even stranger stories are being thrown at them.  So even though there is a slow beginning, the story quickens it pace.  At some points I felt much like Brooke, she couldn’t trust anyone but Marcus because everyone was suspect.  Not until the end of the book do you realize how interwoven everyone is in this story.

My biggest surprise was the twist at the end.  Considering the players and who they were during the beginning of the story it was difficult to see that connection.  However, when all was revealed at the end I was more like “WTF, no way!”  Definitely a fun and mysterious novel in the ever popular paranormal romance YA genre.

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