Saturday, March 16, 2013

Poison by Bridget Zinn


Poison by Bridget Zinn was published by Disney Hyperion, and you know what you can tell.  The story is about Kyra, a potion master, who is on the run after trying to kill the Princess, her friend.  Kyra is a young woman who loves to work with potions, spend time with Ariana her friend and the Princess and someone who is ridiculously independent.  When the book opens we find the MC to be on the run, trying to find a particular potion, which will kill the princess and accomplish the boshed up assassination attempt 3 months ago.  During her running she encounters Fred, a stranger to her land, the only person that Kyra has interacted with since the assassination attempt.  Kyra, along with a pig, a wolf dog and Fred must figure out what is wrong with Princess Ariana and also how to stop her from getting married and becoming one with the land, a ceremony that Kyra has envisioned will destroy their world.  The thing is that Krya has no proof, but her visions, her visions she reasons because she is a witch, a secret she has hidden all her life.

This book is intriguing because you do not have all the pieces of the puzzles.  As you read, slowly each piece is revealed to you.  By the end of the book things you thought were truths are revealed and connections between characters are exposed.  It is a lighthearted book filled with fantasy and easy to follow and get into.  I would recommend this book for those that like mystery and fantasy books, especially if they are looking for a light read.


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