Monday, March 4, 2013

Wicked Kiss by Michelle Rowen

Wicked Kiss (Nightwatchers, #2)
Wicked Kiss is the second book in Michelle Rowen’s Nightwatchers series.  This story is about good vs evil; however, it is also about how good and evil work together to ensure the balance in the world.  This is not to say that everyone involved is on program but it does make some great comedic moments.  In the first book we meet Samantha Day, an ordinary girl who goes out to the club with her friend and makes out with a former senior from her school.  Little does she know that this senior’s kiss has stolen her soul and made her into the same monster he is now. 
Enter Bishop and Kraven.  Bishop is the leader of the good and evil team sent to Samantha’s city to rid the monsters whose kisses steal souls.  Bishop was not supposed to have a soul given to him because he is an angel and if he is not fallen it eventually causes a mental breakdown; however, Samantha’s touch helps with his sanity (she just can’t kiss him, because he has a soul and would die… no biggie).  Kraven is Bishop’s brother (there is some juicy family secrets there).  Kraven is a demon who was sent to hell by his brother (you find out why in this book).  He is also the one who brings her back to her senses when she is in her hunger zone, with his kiss.
This particular book deals with the Grays (the ones that kiss for your soul) and how they are becoming more powerful.  It is up to Samantha and the good/evil gang to set things right in order to lift the barrier around the city so that the demons and angels are free to return to their homes.  Not only is Samantha dealing with that but she is also dealing with cryptic messages that tie into her parentage, specifically her demon father, but she also is trying to get her soul back so that she does not remain a soulless monster forever.
The pace of this book matched the first and the twists and turns are worth the effort to unravel.  Is Samantha the solution or problem for what is happening?  Will she ever get her soul back?  Will she ever kiss Bishop again (you know without people tackling her before he dies)?  Why won’t Bishop reveal his true name?  And when Samantha finds out about Kraven and Bishop’s past will she be able to move forward or will she have to leave one of them behind?
4/5 Stars.  Thanks NetGalley!

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