Friday, August 1, 2014

Fiendish by Brenna Yovanoff


“Every little stitch and seam told me I was changing, leaving behind my old, baby self… then the voice would rise up in my ear, getting louder, echoing around me.  Hold still and sleep.  It was easier to turn toward it, to follow it down into a jumble of dreams—hills and creeks and hollows.  Trees to climb, fields going on forever.  I fell headfirst into a sinkhole of pretty things, and the world inside your eyelids is just as big as the one outside.” 

Brenna Yovanoff creates another fascinating YA gothic paranormal story with Fiendish.  Clementine remembers going into the garden to fetch a tomato for her mother.  She remembers that there was something off about the tomato, it was a stone.  She remembers closing her eyes, and following the instructions to hold still and sleep, but always conscious, always thinking.   Always alone, waiting, until one day she hears voices and is rescued from her cellar with her eyes sewn shut, still wearing her childhood frock.  Clementine is saved by Eric Fisher, but was she saved or did he unleash a threat on to the town that had been locked up?  Soon questions like that one begin to pile up, because whatever happened years ago, the night Clementine was hidden away, is happening again. Delving deeper in order to understand what happened those years ago will only stir the pot more, and soon Clementine and her rag tag group of friends and Fisher will be called to pay the price for what they are.  It’s not always easy being an outsider, especially when there are mysteries and unexplainable things arising.  With swamp people known as Fiends, magical powers, and obvious hate crimes this is another stunning story of the outcasts in society from the author of The Replacement, The Space Between, and Paper Valentine. 


4 out of 5 stars.  Thank you Edelweiss!

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