Friday, August 1, 2014

The Wonder: Queen of Hearts Saga Book #2 by Colleen Oakes

The Wonder (Queen of Hearts, #2)

"If she could not quench the fire burning within her, she would set Wonderland ablaze."

Ahhh!  Yes, this was such an awesome 2nd book!  Dinah has escaped her father's clutches, leaving Wardley behind.  Lost in the Twisted Woods with Morte, Dinah is barely surviving, and her father is searching for her with his best trackers.  Soon betrayal is met with allegiance, when one of the best trackers, a spade named Sir Gorrann, captures Dinah and proposes taking down the King.  With a new goal in mind, a protector she is not sure she trusts, and thoughts of Wardley to keep her warm Dinah sets out to rescue Wonderland, rescue herself, and destroy the tyrant she has called father.  Secrets, hidden agendas, the caterpillar, and serious disappointments are in store for the storybook's favorite Red Queen.  Sometimes people are born bad, and other times it is the people around them that make them bad.

Cannot wait until the next book, it will definitely be bloodier and angrier.

4 out 5 stars.  Thanks Netgalley!

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