Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jackaby by William Ritter

JackabyJackaby by William Ritter
Pub: 9/16/2014
Pg. 299
ARC Received by Edelweiss

"Ignorance is bliss, is that it?"

"That's insipid.  Happiness is bliss-but ignorance is anesthetic, and in the face of what's to come, that may be the best we can hope for our ill-fated acquaintances."

Described as "Doctor Who meets Sherlock"  I would have to say that was the sole reason why I picked up this book, and it was the sole reason that made this book better than most of its contemporaries.  R.F. Jackaby is a private investigator, who focuses on the unexplained, and has a knack of getting on people's wrong side.  Abigail Rook, has jumped to America after leaving school to go dinosaur digging and find adventure, where it is lacking for girls in 1892.  In need of a job Abigail answers his advertisement for an assistant, and instead of a job Abigail falls into the world of the unexplained, the world of a mad man genius (without a box), and figures out her true talents. 

Just as Abigail becomes the new assistant (or companion) a new case is brewing for the investigator of the unexplained, a serial killer is on the loose.  While the police investigate it like a regular homicide, Jackaby is convinced it's supernatural and begins his own investigation.  With the help of Abigail, who has a knack for noticing the ordinary things, and Charlie, the only one in a police's uniform that doesn't treat Jackaby like a quack, Jackaby delves into this new mystery.  Unexplained deaths that are not as bloody as it should be, an ancient being, and an unforeseen foe are the results of this first installment in the Jackaby series.  Did I mention it was going to be a series, because it is and I am over the moon about it!!!  I love, love, love Dr. Who and Abigail reminded me of some of the best companions: Donna, Amy, and Clara.  Jackaby tends to push Abigail's buttons because he is more concerned about solving the riddle, than effect others; Abigail also tends to push back on Jackaby and make him reflect on his next couple of moves.  They are sweet together, and I love the platonic aspect of their relationship, since it doesn't complicate the actual story at hand.

4 out of 5 stars, thanks Edelweiss!

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