Wednesday, March 4, 2015

All That Burns by Ryan Graudin

All That Burns (All That Glows, #2)
All That Burns by Ryan Graudin
Pub: 2/10/2015
Pgs: 464
ARC received by Edelweiss

I originally did not like this story when it first came out.  I liked the changes, the addition of royalty and giving up magic for love, and obviously the fairies.  I didn't like the ridiculous love story.  I don't mean I couldn't get behind the impossibility of it, after all we are dealing with fairies; however, I just couldn't deal with the insta-love and then the continuation of girly love language in everything.  I almost felt like it was written by a 12 year old girl. 

This book did tell us a little bit of a different story.  While the lovey-dovey sickness that contaminated the first novel was still there, the addition of King Arthur's story, the "real" reason for Guinevere's betrayal, and Annabelle's love story all made this book worth it.  Emrys and Richard were still annoying, and frankly Emrys isn't as strong as she pretends to be or even as others pretend she is.  We can chalk it up to spells that influenced her, but in reality she's been this way since the beginning.  Due to the additions of Annabelle and Guinevere's stories I give this book 3 stars. 

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