Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blood by K.J. Wignall

Blood (Mercian Trilogy #1)

I had put Blood on my TBR shelf but I usually clean through my shelves and dump anything below 3.5 stars... it's not a good system but it's mine.  The reason I end up putting Blood back on my TBR shelf is because I received the sequel as a Galley.  Boy, was that the best change of mind ever!

I love Blood, unlike most YA vampire books this one stays true to darkness, much like Dracula and Interview with a Vampire.  Blood starts off with old bold print, that signifies we are being addressed by William of Mercia, the MC and also vampire in this novel.  What is different than most YA novels is that Will is one of a kind, or at least that is how he lives.  For the past 8 or 9 centuries will has been alone, with no other vampire to share secrets or trade information on how to be a vampire. At this particular point in Will's life it is the 21st century and he has just awoken from a 20 plus year sleep.  (Vampires in this world sleep or hibernate for long periods and then feed off of young blood and will be sustained for months.)  As what he is accustomed to, Will goes out looking for someone to prey on.  What he finds is a world full of missteps.  His victim knows who Will is and even better tells Will the name of the one that asked for him to be sired.  Jazz, the victim also tells Will that he needs this particular girl and that the girl needs him.

After finishing off with his victim Will bumps into Eloise, the girl Jazz spoke about in his brief encounter and in his writings.  Will and Eloise (a runaway) band together to figure out Will's destiny and hers.  This leads them on a trial full of church's, libraries, tombs and estates.  What Will needs to know is why he was made into a vampire, why his right as Earl of Mercia was taken from him and what is Eloise's role?

Eloise, the run away, takes to Will, because frankly she is open minded and Gothic so that makes it okay.  Anyway... Eloise is also used as bait for Will seeing as he has a sweet spot for her, if only he can just kiss her with out wanting to devour her... so they kiss like once, but it's adorable.  Eloise is the rope that tethers Will to this world, because if it weren't for him protecting her he would just go on a suicide mission to find the "Suspended King" and find out what he has to do with the 4 vampire kings. 

The book is written in 3rd person but occasionally it switches to Will's perspective (notice the bold typeface).  It's not a spectacular book but I think it keeps the idea that Will is a monster and that Eloise and anyone that wants to be around him will have to accept that part of him.  Granted it helps that Eloise also encourages him not to give up on the good parts of himself. 

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