Friday, September 28, 2012

What I Didn't Say by Keary Taylor

What I Didn't Say

This was such a great story! Keary Taylor did a great job writing about consequences, risks and love. We meet Jake Hayes, one of 7 children in the Hayes family. During his freshmen year of HS he meets Samantha Shay and falls completely in love with her. For the next 3 years he only has eyes for Samantha, but no nerve to reach out to her.

Unfortunately, in their senior year of high school, after a victorious Homecoming Game Jake and his teammates gather for a party full of drinks and drugs. During the night, after being ripped by his two main BFs on how he doesn't have enough courage to tell Samantha, they decide to drive to her house. Of course being drunk and high they think this is the perfect thing to do, so they pile into a car and head to her home, on their way they are involved in a car accident. Both of his friends Carter and Rain are fine, but Jake takes the worst of it, he loses his vocal cords. Now facing the fact that he will never be able to speak, Jake realizes that he will never be able to tell Samantha what he wanted to say to her that night (Hence title: What I Didn’t Say).

The story then unfolds to how Jake’s dreams have to be changed and also how Samantha now spends more time with him, teaching him ASL (American Sign Language) during his period 3 class. Samantha has been keeping a secret since August, and when I realized there was something she was hiding, I almost did a face palm, thinking this was going to be overkill for bad luck; however, I will say that her situation is different and helps Jake learn to cope with his negative feelings after the accident. Samantha and Jake’s story is one to remember especially since there are so many lessons involved (consequences of drinking and driving; consequences of keeping silent; risking to open up to someone; risking to be different and to love that difference; risking your heart; learning to love and trust; accepting that someone or your community loves you.)

Definitely 4 stars!

***NOTE: Copy of this book is provided by publisher via NetGalley. Thank you.
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