Monday, August 26, 2013

Consume by Melissa Darnell

Consume (The Clann, #3)

“It should have been perfect… Tristan and me and a remote log cabin with a crackling fireplace nestled on a west Arkansas mountain in December. No Clann or vampire council nearby to bother us. No more rules or secrets to keep us apart. No more risk of accidentally draining and killing Tristan with a kiss.

Instead, it was all wrong, and I was staggering under the weight of what we now faced.”

In Melissa Darnell’s Consume (the last installment in The Clann series), Tristan has survived the change from Clann Descendant to full vampire. Thrown out of the Clann by the new leader, his mother, Tristan is stuck in some remote place in Arkansas trying to maintain the blood lust with the help of Savannah and her father. Once that has passed they return to their homes and school. Tristan and Savannah are now together and they are the only two that can read each other’s minds. Contrary to the summary (and since it is the official GR’s blurb, I will not completely give it away) it is not Savannah who unleashes the fury within Tristan. Someone from the Clan will betray his family and Tristan will seek revenge. All this causes is a rift between him and Savannah… oh—and a war between The Council and The Clann. With the help of family, friends and some other characters that we would not have expected back, Tristan and Savannah must end the war to save the world.

I loved how HEA the whole thing was. Granted, there are some losses, but overall the ending was great. What happened between Savannah’s parents was pretty awesome, as well. Tristan’s sister definitely grows up and Tristan and Savannah move their relationship to a more mature (not talking about sex, people) pace. Their arguments and disagreements teach them to stick together even when faced with differences of opinion. There is also a lesson about loving freely. So happy, like Cheshire cat.

4/5 stars. Thanks NetGalley.

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