Monday, August 26, 2013

The Morning Star by Robin Bridges

The Morning Star (Katerina, #3)

“The vampire princess had no tears… she cradled Konstantin Pavlovich’s body to hers. Then, seething in her hatred for the supernatural knight protector of Russia who had killed his own brother, she chated vile curses against the Romanovs…”

As you guessed The Katerina Trilogy continues in Robin Bridges final installment, The Morning Star, and Konstantin’s revenge is not fully done. Since the last book of the The Katerina Trilogy, some months have pass since George left for Paris and Katerina has started her medical studies under Dr. Badmaev. George has returned and has spoken to his father about his intentions to marry Katerina. The Tsar thinks it’s a great idea, but under one condition: Katerina must quit her pursuit in medicine. On top of that drama there is still the fear that Konstantin will rise and seek revenge.

The book is full of crazy proposals, dark/light court drama, medicine, kidnapping, possession, undead armies and Egypt. Oh, I didn’t mention there would be traveling afoot? Well, in order to defeat Konstantin, the Morning Star (a sword) must be acquired. If Konstantin finds it first he will be able to deal out his revenge; however, if a necromancer were to obtain it they would be able to thwart Konstantin’s plans. Needless to say, Katerina is kidnapped in order to find this sword, what ensues afterwards is creative chaos and action packed moments. Thank you for the nice little bow on the story Ms. Bridges; however, I researched George and I am saddened that he dies a few years later than the end of this novel, darn TB! Thank you for weaving history and supernatural together, I had fun!

4/5 stars.