Monday, August 5, 2013

The Deepest Night by Shana Abe

The Deepest Night (The Sweetest Dark, #2)

“I am not a ghost. I am a star. I spin a celestial magic now high, high above her, waiting for her to take notice and hear me.

Because she’s not a girl, really.

Actually, not at all.

She’s a dragon.

Poor lass. She only just found that out.” –Jesse

And so begins the second book in the Sweetest Dark series, The Deepest Night. Eleanor Jones, a poor orphan, and Lord Armand Louis are the only 2 Drakóns of their kind. In the first book, they both found out about their true identities. Not only do they have to deal with being a supernatural being, they also are dealing with the First World War. Set in a time of complete uncertainty and in the first war of its kind. The war is also used as a catalyst in the first novel, which ends with the death of two characters. One of the major characters for Eleanor is Jesse. Jesse was from the stars and when he sacrificed himself he went back to the sky to be one of the many that sing and communicate with the Drakón kind.

Now Jesse is back as a guiding star, one who speaks to Armand and his father about the second character killed in the first novel. Turns out that person is alive, and has been captured. It is up to Eleanor and Armand to go behind enemy lines to rescue this character. In the meantime Eleanor must find peace about the loss of Jesse and decide for herself what she would like from Armand. Armand must complete his transformation, but at what cost? This book really concentrated on these two and you are able to see how these characters are growing.

I really liked Eleanor and Armand’s growing relationship. They have a lovely bantering relationship, which looks like it could be developed fully, and now with no Jesse around there might not be an issue of a love triangle. I say might because the person they rescue is male and he is also the same and Armand and Eleanor, so there could be a chance that he falls for Eleanor. I really liked Jesse in the first book but in this book I just cannot take the cryptic messages. They are too much! The epilogue couldn’t be any more cryptic, bad things lay ahead…. Thanks Jesse!

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