Monday, August 5, 2013

False Sight by Dan Krokos

False Sight (False Memory, #2)

False Sight is the second book in the False Memory series.  This book opens up with Rhys, Miranda, Peter, Noah and Sequel all trying to make a different life for themselves.  They are blending in-or trying to-to high school and becoming part of the norm.  The 5 are getting ready to go to a school dance, and at this dance the D.J. announces a special message:

"Mrs. North to Nina
Mommy misses you."

When that one phrase is said, all hell breaks loose at the dance.  Miranda and Noah go after a hysterical Sequel, but when they find her Sequel is no longer the girl that Miranda is friends with or the others.  Sequel is now Nina, and Nina just killed Noah!!!!  To better understand that I am not giving out spoilers and to better understand what in the world is going on, here is a quick synopsis of how and why Nina was Sequel and why she killed Noah. 

Miranda and Sequel were made together by Mrs. North, they are clones (this was covered in the first novel).  Sequel has an added component to her DNA structure, specifically to her personality that changes her from a clone to a deadly weapon, named Nina.  There is also a chance that Miranda has the same added component but with a different trigger phrase.  The purpose for making the Mirandas a weapon is explained later on in the novel, and it is the driving force for all that occurs for about 2/3 of the novel.  After Nina/Sequel kills Noah, the remainder of the team set out to figure out waht is going on.  This is where "The Black" is introduced into the story.

"You came through The Black."
"Which is what, exactly?"
"The Boundary between all universes.  A buffer, to keep them separate."

When the team travels through the Black, they are lead to an alternative universe to their own.  Apparently there are numerous universes like the one the team lives in and in each world there is a team like them... this is also key to the whole Sequel/Nina thing.

It took me about 1/2 the novel to reach the WTF train, and boy was that one crazy ride.  And the ending!  That ending drove me insane!

3/5 Stars because the first book rocked way harder... thanks Net Galley!

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