Monday, November 25, 2013

After Eden by Helen Douglas

After Eden (After Eden, #1)

When time travel is an option, many think of going back to the past and eliminating a threat to the future.  If you could, would you go back in time and end Hitler's reign of terror?  If you knew some one's actions in the past could affect future generations, would you stop those actions?  These are some of the questions asked in the book.  (Where have a seen this before... oh yes, All Our Yesterdays, which is the best time traveling book of the year!) 

Eden and Connor have been best friends, since forever.  Connor is the smart one and Eden is, well she's Eden.  What she doesn't realize is that Connor has had feelings for her for a long time now.  As this is their last year in school Connor feels as though this will be his last chance to nab the girl of his dream, and best friend.  Eden, could not be any more clueless, especially since there is a new boy in town. 

Ryan is the classic new boy enigma.  All the girls are raving about him and everyone is curious about him, including Eden and it seems like Ryan also is curious about Eden.  After hanging out with each other one day, Eden finds a book that will change not only her life but her best friend's.  Turns out, Ryan is from the future, a future affected by a discovery made by Connor... after a dance.  Story goes that Connor's heart was broken at this dance, after he left he discovered a planet through a telescope--one that he named Eden.  Ryan's role is to stop the moment or change the moment when Connor had his heart broken.  What ends up happening is a lot of secret sharing, hiding and plenty of heart gushing moments.  And of course, when there is time travel, there is always a glich.

3 out of 5 stars.

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