Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pushed by Corrine Jackson

Pushed (Sense Thieves, #2)

Pushed by Corrine Jackson is the second book in the Sense Thieves series.  Remy and Asher are trying to enjoy life following the aftermath of the previous book.  Even with life starting to make sense for Remy and her powers of a healer and her love for her enemy, Asher, Remy is missing a maternal connection.  When a letter from her grandfather arrives, Remy feels like she can finally understand more about her mother and the Healer community.  Blinded by this, Remy decides to spend a month with her grandfather and Asher will be following her.  There she meets her grandfather Franc, and a whole community of healers, but lurking in the woods is danger and other Protectors that what Remy.  One night Asher and Remy are captured.  Can they make it out alive?  What will they do when they realize that Remy is starting to obtain Protector traits?  Who will make the ultimate sacrifice for love?

Completely saw the twist at the end with Asher, Gabriel, and Remy… totally sucks for the characters, but I felt that it was handled well, at least in this book.  It will be interesting to see what occurs now that Remy is on the run.  Even with the predictability of the ending it was still a fun read, and it was nice to see more of Gabe in this book, he’s by far my favorite character.   Franc is not what I was expecting at first, but slowly he reveals his true nature.  Remy is still her annoying self, healing the practically dead and subject herself to their illnesses without thought of consequences.  Asher is still kind of controlling… I know, many like him but can Remy just tell him to back off a little bit… perhaps things would have been different for him if he had backed off a little in this book.

Overall I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars.  Thank You NetGalley.


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  1. Great book. Great story can't wait for next book to come out. Would recommend to others to read this series.