Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Iron Traitor by Julie Kagawa

The Iron Traitor (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten, #2)

“When Keirran went back into the Nevernever, I knew I hadn’t seen the last of him.  Still, I had no idea how entangled my life would soon become with his, and how he would be the catalyst… for the end of everything.”—Iron Traitor

Ethan and Kenzie have just come back from their action packed adventure through the Land of Faerie.  Kenzie is battling an infection, due to her visit and Ethan is fighting off jealous quarterbacks, a lawyer father, and the police.  It almost seems like his life is back to normal, and he would really much rather prefer it that way.  Ethan knows he has a nephew, Keirran, and he knows that people are trying their best to keep them apart but right now he wants to concentrate on Kenzie and staying away from Them. 

Unfortunately, the forgotten are still having problems and Keirran is missing.  The entire Iron realm is looking for Keirran, but he is on a mission to save Annwyl, the love of his life, from being one of the forgotten.  No matter what Ethan does, he ends up roped into helping in this situation, along with Kenzie.  There are forces trying desperately to keep Ethan and Keirran apart, to keep the prophecy from coming true; however, the only way to save Annwyl is by speeding up the prophecy. 

With fairy queens that like to manipulate, an impossible task, some dark magic, a very very thin man out to collect the forgotten, and the Forgotten Queen wanting to cash in on Keirran’s promise these three will be running out of breath within the first 100 pages.  Watch out for some favorites like Grimalkin and Puck to return.  And yes, Meghan and Ash will make an appearance as well, which is weird now that they are full blown parents.  If I were Keirran I would heed my father’s warnings.  Poor Ethan, will he make it out of this series alive?

As a bonus there is an excerpt of The Forever Song, book 3 of the Blood of Eden trilogy. 

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