Sunday, March 9, 2014

Strange Sweet Song by Adi Rule

Strange Sweet Song
"If you had looked, then, into the crow’s eyes, if you had been a ghost or a puff of smoke and had floated up to the ceiling to look deeply into those shiny black eyes where the brilliant white keys were reflected, you would have seen a despair bigger than those eyes could hold, bigger than the hall itself.


And you would have heard the faintest hiss—an ugly, crackling hiss, as different from the pure, clear tones of the piano as it could possibly be.  You might have noticed the grubby beak was open very slightly.  And you might have realized with a start that the crow was trying to sing. 


But perhaps you were there.  Perhaps you already know this story.”


Sing da Navelli has always lived in the shadow of her great musical parents.  An opera diva for a mother, whose short life ended tragically, and a well renowned conductor father, it is difficult for Sing to shine on her own.  When her famous father drops her off at Dunhammound Conservatory, she begins on a journey like no other.  Dunhammound is well known, with a history that is rich in the music world, and a dark twisted past.  A dark and dangerous forest is the setting of both the campus and the famous opera that the school will be performing this spring.  Sing needs to snag the leading role of Angelique, the one role she’s always loved, the last role her mother ever played.  She finds that there is something dark lurking in the outskirts of the conservatory, something that involves her Apprentice Nathan Daysmoor.  Could there be truth to the opera written long ago?  Is there really an evil creature in the forest that will prey on human flesh, or grant a wish if it sees deep despair in your eyes?


A gothic tale, with a modern twist Strange Sweet Song will both enthrall and captivate readers.  Thank you NetGalley, 4 out of 5 stars!

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