Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fire Wish by Amber Lough

The Fire Wish (The Jinni Wars, #1)

Fire Wish by Amber Lough brings the story of a jinni, a prince, and soon to be princess in Baghdad to life.  In a world where humans and jinni have fought to the death in a bloody world, there are two girls who can change everything.  More than a decade ago there was a war between the jinni and the human race, triumphantly the humans won against the devils; however, the threat never was erased from their minds.  More than a decade ago jinni were enslaved to do the bidding of humans without being able to escape, their people were killed, and they ultimately created an uprising; however, they need to finish what they started and get the lamp, which was used to communicate between the worlds.  One lamp is housed in the palace of Baghdad; the other in the caves of the jinni community, neither one has been lit since that terrible night. 

Zayele loves to climb, run around, and be there for her brother, who lost his sights.  Her life changes the night the vizier enters her town.  He is her cousin, but also the savior of the war against the jinni.  Everyone owes their life to him, and he works for the King.  He has come in search of a bride for the prince, and she has been selected.

Najwa is a jinni training to be a spy for the war.  Her training advances due to her being able to enter the palace, a place no other jinni can enter.  This will mean more assignments and a rush order on her graduating to the spy unit, and secretly more time to see the prince she cannot seem to forget.  When she crosses paths with Zayele, she is forced to grant Zayele a wish that will put both of them in danger.  Now Zayele and Najwa have switched place, and on top of trading lives both must walk a careful line less they be killed by their enemy.  Secrets, wishes, and some pretty nice kisses have been all wrapped into this nice neat package.  Buy, borrow, read and enjoy!


Thank You Edelweiss.  3 out of 5 stars!

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