Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Zac and Mia by A.J. Betts

Zac and Mia

Zac and Mia are the new face of tragic love.  Zac has always been a healthy athlete, with a ridiculous amount of friends, and a charmed life, until one day something changes everything.  Now Zac is stuck in hospital rooms, sterilized and cut off from their friend, and his looks are just going through the ringer.  Feeling lost and a bit jaded Zac is ready to go home and live his life the way he used to before the cancer. Mia has always been free and wild.  Looking to get her cosmetology license, go to the prom with her rakish boyfriend, and continuing to party are the major things on her mind and plate.  One small injury leads her into the same cancer ridden life as Zac.  Together they are trapped in the same sterilized hospital, one who wishes to beat the odds and the other one not caring that the odds are in her favor.  One has a supportive family, the other has loud fights with her mother; one is genuinely nice, while the other is too prickly for her own good.  Apart they will face their struggles or run away, but together they will have someone to lean on, someone who doesn’t really just see them as their sickness.  A story of loss, percentages, and living, this is one book to get readers going.  One thing I will say, it is not The Fault in Our Stars; that one was too sweet and nice, this story will have readers’ heads spinning and hearts breaking, melting, and molding back together. 

5 stars.  Thanks Edelweiss.

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